City of Oxford, Ohio

Technical Assistant

January 2007 to present

  • Assists Community Development coworkers with creative and innovative technical solutions.
  • Ongoing development of the Community Development Unified Database application in Microsoft Access, uniting an array of planning, zoning and building department tabular data into a single application, with forms, queries and reports.
  • Collaborates with multiple City departments for shared geographic information systems (GIS) goals, reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency.
  • Assigns addresses within Oxford city limits, ensuring consistency.
  • Respondent for the United States Census Bureau annual Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS), providing updates of boundary changes, new roads and addresses.
  • Extractor and analyzer of data from the United States Census Bureau American FactFinder, for use with various city and regionally projects.
  • ShareFest representative, webmaster and marketing coordinator. ShareFest is an annual event that allows Miami University students to donate their unneeded, good-quality stuff to social service agencies, at the end of the academic year.
  • Creates annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) maps.
  • Administrator of Pictometry aerial photography & GIS system, deployed to over 40 users.
  • Administrator of city phone systems. Audited city phone systems and services, leading to changes that saved $1080 per year.

Acting Planner

Aug.-Dec. 2006; Oct. 2011-March 2012

  • Reviewed building and zoning permits for compliance with the Planning and Zoning Code.
  • Completed zoning inspections for active building sites, as well as inspections for zoning violations.
  • Answered questions from the public and provided zoning code interpretations.
  • Highlighted debatable sections of zoning code, offered suggestions for future improvements.
  • In 2006, began integration of various databases and spreadsheets in Microsoft Access, automating tasks, improving consistency and efficiency, which constructed the groundwork for the Community Development Unified Database application.

Engineering Aide

Aug. 2005 to Aug. 2006

  • Continued tasks from consultancy.
  • Appointed city representative for ShareFest Oxford.


Jan. to Aug. 2005

  • Met with various city employees, and local and regional agency members to compile a comprehensive GIS needs assessment.
  • Acquired county GIS data from Butler County Auditor.
  • Created shapefiles of zoning districts, annexation history, corporation boundary, refuse collection days using data acquired from county and field-based work.
  • Prepared regional transportation maps for Congressional funding project.

Miami University

Austrian Summer Scholars Program Co-Director


  • Six week program for 30 Austrian exchange students.
  • Coordinated planning, budgeting, booking and day-to-day activities.
  • Modernized and streamlined program in 2005, reducing costs by 40%.